5 Tips for Interview Success

5 Tips for Interview Success


1) Do Your Research

Research the firm in detail and the people who are interviewing you. Once you know more about the firm you will be able to convincingly answer the stock question “why do you want to work for this firm”. Firms will always ask this so have a good answer!

2) Practice Makes Perfect

Think about the questions you might be asked and practice your answers. You will be asked about your CV/application form so have answers for everything on there. If you say you like to travel, why? Think about how everything you have done will make you a good lawyer and an interesting colleague.

3) Have I Got News for You

Read the news. Interviews will often contain a discussion on a current affairs topic so be prepared to talk about the news of the day. You have probably heard the term ‘Commercial Awareness’ a lot and this essentially means being knowledgeable about what is going on in the legal business world, so make sure you are reading legal news as well.

4) Look Good

First impressions are important and according to psychologists, 55% of a first impression is based on how we look. This means grooming, attire and body language are really important, so make sure that you are looking super smart for the interview. You can’t go wrong in suit and a smart pair of shoes.

5) Keep Calm and Carry On

No matter how much you practice, there are going to be questions you haven’t thought of and you need to be able to deal with them. If you are thrown by a question, take a moment to really think about your answer. Taking time to steady your nerves and consider your answer is a good thing. Do not be afraid of silence!

Interviewing the founder of F-LEX, Mary Bonsor

Interviewing the founder of F-LEX, Mary Bonsor